Objectives of the Code

This code contains binding standards as well as the expectations we place on our business and colleagues’ behaviour in order to achieve exemplary conduct and ethics. In addition we actively encourage all external parties involved in our business to positively reflect this code.

  1. Confidentiality
    PSL and its colleagues are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity in all our dealings with each other and with customers, suppliers and associates, both in terms of normal commercial confidentiality, and the protection of all personal and business information received in the course of providing the business services concerned.
Colleagues have general obligations to act in the best interests of the Company, and not breach Company confidentiality or the relationship of trust and confidence that exists between you and the Company. This would include not posting inappropriate comments on blogs and social networking sites about customers and colleagues.
  2. Human Rights & The Modern Slavery Act 2015
    Human rights are fundamental principles which allow an individual to lead a dignified and independent life, free from abuse and violations. We will not tolerate, nor will we condone, abuse of human rights, slavery, or trafficking, within any part of our business or supply chains, and we will take seriously any allegations that human rights are not properly respected. If you have reason to believe that such activity is taking place within the Company or in any of our supply chains, please report this to your line manager, or use the Contact Information below.
  3. Equality and Discrimination
    PSL seeks to ensure that the work environment for its colleagues is supportive, and one where individual respect is shown to all colleagues regardless of their gender, race, ethnic background, culture, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, age, religion, or socio-economic status.
 PSL complies with employment legislation in respect of equal opportunities, notably the Equality Act 2010.
  4. Working Relationships
    We treat all colleagues with dignity and respect and expect colleagues to treat each other and our customers in the same way. We all have a responsibility not to indirectly support unfair behaviour by ignoring what is happening around us. It is Company policy to promote an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and victimisation where everyone will receive fair and respectful treatment.
  5. Working Conditions and Health & Safety
    PSL maintain working conditions which meet or exceed regulatory requirements. We constantly review our conditions for improvement opportunities, and encourage all colleagues to provide input on where they feel improvements are required. We work with the HSE and other bodies to ensure that the safety of all colleagues is maintained to the highest level achievable. Whilst PSL comply with all HSE regulations, including employee safety, all colleagues have a duty of care for their own safety and must not undertake activities at work which are dangerous or obviously unsafe.
  6. Conflicts of Interest
    The highest standards of behaviour are expected where individuals are in positions to make decisions and it is important that decisions are taken in a fair and balanced way that can withstand external scrutiny. PSL will not accept Directors or colleagues engaging in any activity that competes with PSL; taking personal advantage of an opportunity that belongs to PSL; engaging in a business relationship on behalf of PSL where you or a family member has an interest in the other party, unless previously advised to, and agreed by PSL.
  7. Corruption and The Bribery Act 2010
    PSL do not give or accept improper payments or gifts in order to conduct business. We agree the terms of supplier payments at the start of business and pay in accordance with our contractual obligations. We operate a zero tolerance approach to the making or receiving of bribes or corrupt payments, in any form. This type of conduct is absolutely prohibited whether committed by colleagues or anyone else acting on the Company’s behalf.
  8. GDPR & Data Protection Act 2018
    PSL is primarily a Business to Business provider, however we still comply with the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 where it impacts our dealing with customers and colleagues. All information is held on a secure IT infrastructure with appropriate security levels. A full GDPR statement of procedures is available on request.
  9. External Interested Parties
    PSL expects all external interested parties in our business to reflect the spirit of this code when dealing with PSL, and to comply with regulations and legislation where it is required. We encourage all external interested parties to inform us if they experience anything in their dealings with PSL which contradicts this code.
  10. Contact

    Jason Mutton - Operations Director

    01621 854451